Wat betekent de Wereld
(le Monde) Tarot Kaart?

Ermee volmaakt.

Vraag: Waarin voel je jezelf compleet? Waarin kan je jezelf volledig vergeten zonder jezelf te verliezen? Wanneer voel je dat je niets meer nodig hebt om meer van jezelf te worden? Wat zou een perfecte situatie zijn dat je over wolken loopt?

Bevestiging: Hierin ga je jezelf volledig vinden. Daarmee laat je het gevoel van niet genoeg te zijn achter. Het gevoel dat alles perfect samenwerkt, is hier belangrijk voor je. Alles wat je bent en niet bent draagt bij tot wat jou compleet jezelf maakt.

Now what does the world card mean when you pull this one out during a reading? It stands for completion, over and done, but in a good way because you have learned all your lessons from a certain situation, be it a challenging time or a wonderful time.

It's about there not being any loose ends anymore, at least for you! You have forgiven and possibly forgotten everything and anything to do with this situation because you are at peace with it. If you see this card in reverse it may be a sign of being attached to something that is actually over and done and you know it. It can be a sign to let it go, you'll know it when you see it. Even if anyone involved might want to keep attached to you.

But even more than that, it's even more personal - it is also a sign that you are making strides towards feeling complete and whole within yourself - not needing anyone else to feel like you matter. You matter to yourself. This is what the four guardians mean in each corner: whole in your body, whole in your mind, whole in your soul, whole in your spirit.