Wat betekent de Toren
(la Maison Dieu) Tarot Kaart?

Erdoor geswitched.

Vraag: Wat heb je meegemaakt dat je volledig van gedacht heeft doen veranderen? Wat is er gebeurd dat alles op zijn kop heeft gezet? Waar ben je anders door gaan denken? Wat heeft je zodanig door elkaar geschud?

Bevestiging: Je bent er volledig vanafgestapt. Dit heeft je volledig van gedacht doen veranderen. Hierin ben je gekeerd. Dit zet je wereld volledig op zijn kop. Dit gaat een heilig huisje slopen.

Are you actually resisting change?
Hi guys, today I'm tracing the Tower card. If this card shows up in your reading, things might be shifting for you whether you like it or not. So what does the Tower card mean?

As with all cards in the Tarot, it all depends on you and especially so in the case of the Tower. It can be about be a certain dynamic in a relationship that's shifting, this could be employment, most of the time it's about a limiting mindset that is changing.

The tower itself in the card is this limiting belief, perhaps a negative core belief you have about yourself that is shielding you from taking chances that could actually benefit you, or this could be a way of doing things - a routine that has outgrown its use and is now actually keeping you stuck in the same physical and mental space.

You probably guessed what the lightning bolt stands for: It's the unexpected that shakes up your routine, your usual way of doing things, your mindset that has become limited in some aspect because it worked for you up to a certain point. The lightning bolt teaches us that methods work until they don't. And where are you in all this? You are going to go through changes, whereas the routines and the working methods are not, they will come and go, because there is an ebb and flow to life and you are the sea.

You aren't your routine, you aren't your mindset, you aren't your working method. These are things to achieve something. You are you, before needing to achieve. What aspect of your life are you piling up so high that it can only come down?