Wat betekent de Sterkte
(la Force) Tarot Kaart?

Er niet bang van

Vraag: Waar ben je niet (meer) bang van? Wat kan je niet (meer) bedreigen? Wat durf je volledig aan? Wat is het dat je rust niet (meer) kan verstoren?

Bevestigen: Dat schrikt je niet af. Daar ben je allang niet bang meer voor. Dat is net iets waar je geen angst voor hebt. Je hebt voor ergere monsters gestaan.

What are you or aren't you afraid of? What can't threaten you anymore or can you identify what it is that makes you feel threatened? How do you safeguard your inner peace? Or how are the boundaries with which you try to protect your piece of mind disturbed in any way?

Because if you look closely at the card, you can see that the woman is so incredibly chill, she is completely unbothered, unthreatened by the lion, literally a dangerous creature that can claw and rip and bite her to death. Even though she knows this, she remains at peace - knowing how dangerous the beastis doesn't bother her - and effortlessly (one of my favourite words) she opens the mouth of the lion.

Maybe the question you could ask yourself when pulling this card is: what doesn't scare you anymore? What monsters have you faced before?