Wat betekent het Laatste Oordeel
(le Jugement) Tarot Kaart?

Ervoor erkend.

Vraag: Waarin voel je jezelf gezien zoals je bent? Aan welke kant van jezelf wordt er nu licht geschenen? Wat is het dat aan het licht komt? Wat wordt er eindelijk erkend waar jij eerder alleen mee zat?

Bevestiging: Je wordt gezien. Je wordt erkend. Er komt iets aan het licht wat eerder verscholen was. Je voelt jezelf gezien zoals je volledig bent. Je wordt in je blootje gezet. Niets meer om achter te verbergen.

First of all, what do you think the judgment card means? It's absolutely nothing to do with sin or punishment.  It's about being called to something by what you've been through, being transformed by life and its lessons,  so much, that you turned into something that transcends it.

When you pull this card in a reading it speaks of your inner knowing that automatically discerns for yourself what you... vibe with... and what you don't vibe with... so to speak before even having to analyse and run the experience of life through the washing machine of the mind - because the mind alone cannot process or take in the total vastness of life, the moment, experience, whatever you want to call it. It's about you, your judgment of life with all of you, your intuition, your heart, your sould, your body, and how these things come together to just spontaneously make you find your way and come through.

This card is about the calling you hear when you have arrived at a placein your life where you have made your peace. To still have judgment about things that happened to you, is to allow fear or guilt you feel or want someone to feel is to still allowing a way to disturb your inner peace - and that's the meaning of this card turning up reversed in a reading.

This card is about no longer just being a woman, just a man, but you are allowing the inner child you were all along to come back out because it feels safe enough to live and express its highest joy for your highest good, realizing this is what you were called to do all along.