Wat betekent de Gulden Middenweg (Tempérance) Tarot Kaart?

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Ermee in balans.

Vraag: Waar ben je mee in balans? Wat mag voor jou stabiel zijn? Wat kan jou zo inspireren dat je de dingen kan loslaten en uitbalanceren?

Bevestiging: Er is evenwicht. Dat kan nog gebalanceerd worden. Dat wil je balanceren. Dat inspireert je zo dat je de dingen loslaat om vanzelf te laten balanceren.

You are in control.

You know, sometimes it's hard not to blame circumstance for the way you react to life's challenges and of course there are many situations where it's absolutely impossible not to burst out in a rage or in tears, but the tarot says: no. There is a way.

The Temperance card is the card that reveals this secret. She is that part of you that observes you having that reaction to circumstance, or that part of you that recognizes, oh, I'm getting that awful sad feeling again out of nowhere or a restless frustration, especially when I'm trying to have a good time.

Temperance stands for having that observation of what is happening inside you, the one vase, and in that space of seeing yourself feeling it, bring that peace and love to the moment and breath it in. Mix it with whatever is happening. This mixing is called the middle way and that is what the two vases stand for.

It's like when you like drinking coffee or tea with milk and sugar, but then it so happens that you are served coffee without milk and sugar, and it tastes too bitter. You stand there asking yourself: this isn't what I asked for and now I need to add the milk and sugar myself?

Yes, add the milk and sugar yourself. Because you can, you are in control.