Wat betekent de Gehangene
(le Pendu) Tarot Kaart?

Eraan overgeven.

Vraag: Waar zit je in vast? Wat heb je opgegeven? Waarin kan je geen kant meer opgaan? Wat is het dat je hebt overgelaten aan iemand anders? Waar zit je op te wachten? Waar is het dat je je aan overgeeft? Wat geef je best op?
Bevestiging: Je geeft dit best uit handen. Je moet er niet meer mee worstelen. Je kan dit laten voor wat het is. Je zit erin vast, of het nu goed of slecht is. Je kan er geen kant meer in opgaan. Meer kan je niet halen uit die situatie. Laat het zijn wat het is.

Where do you feel stuck? Are you in a situation that leaves you no choice or has the lack of choosing led to this situation?
Are you waiting endlessly for something? What did you have to give up? Did you have to leave something behind, willingly?
If these are things you're dealing with, the Hanged Man Tarot card might just show up in your reading.
This card is pointing to something in you that has decided to make itself comfortable in a seemingly impossible situation, for better or worse,
or that you need to make yourself comfortable - which is to say: if there is no way out, the only way to go is in. This card stands for deep inner
reflection -or the opportunity to look deeply into yourself. Sometimes going in and reflect is the only place left to find some peace in your life.
Other times going in and reflect is the only way to think back on what excited and ignited your soul, when you feel trapped in a perfect coccoon -
that is everything you thought you wanted.
So in short it's about this energy of either you had to make the choice to get comfortable with inner growth only because everything you try
seems to fail, or you are simply too comfortable in your daily routines that you have trapped yourself, blocked from inner growth. Whatever it is:
pulling this card from your tarot deck is telling you this: hang in there.